Thu 5/11 - AM 80 minutes incl. 2x6k

Lincoln. After making it through last night's glorified strides in one piece I went through with a threshold workout not much more than 12 hours later. The overall distance I wanted to cover was understood in advance, how many reps and how long each one would be was up in the air. In the end the relatively relaxed pace at the outset got me thinking I could go with just two reps of six laps apiece. Six minute recovery between them. Pace was controlled, with the first rep going 3:55-4:01 per lap and the second rep laps ranging from 3:52-3:56. Calf held together until the fifth lap of the second rep when I noticed twinges on uneven ground. Held enough back that I wouldn't do any kind of massive damage to it. Warmer than the past few days but still windy and as the morning progressed the clouds of course showed up.

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