Fri 2/17 - 30 minutes very easy plus 45 minutes elliptigo trainer

Headed toward the third day in a row of a 2:1 ratio of run to elliptigo, but decided to flip the script when I wasn't feeling the run portion. Elliptical portion felt much more productive.

Thu 2/16 - 50 minutes easy plus 25 minutes elliptigo trainer

Two trips back and forth from home to scrounge, right at the end hit with the worst possible kind of frozen precipitation, something between rain and snow. Just awful, only out in it for a few minutes. Another late start as per usual.

Wed 2/15 - 50 minutes easy plus 30 minutes elliptigo trainer

More easy jogging, a prelude to using the trainer really. Not as cold as yesterday but still on the chilly side.

Tue 2/14 - 45 minutes easy plus 25 minutes elliptigo trainer

Slow putter around town followed by a spin on the trainer. Right hamstring is feeling much better, calf still unsettlingly tight. Permanently tweaked no doubt.

Mon 2/13 - PM 50 minutes

Summerhill to Levittown. First run outdoors in four days, as such got a little ahead of myself in terms of the pace and overbaked it somewhat.


Sun 2/12 - PM 90 minutes elliptigo trainer

The logical conclusion of all the cabin fever of late. Skipped the treadmill entirely and put in the day's "long run" entirely on the dork bike instead. Much much easier to put time  on it than on the treadmill for sure. Took a break halfway through.

Sat 2/11 - PM 28 minutes treadmill plus 45 minutes elliptigo trainer

Third day in a row of purely indoor activities. Slower starting speed than yesterday when everything felt forced. Hamstring almost all the way back but higher speeds still bring a faint twinge. Fled to the elliptigo as quickly as I could.