Week of 11/6-11/12

Mon 11/6 - PM 45 minutes easy. Took the usual good long while to get going. Left leg stiff from yesterday but not going nearly fast enough to aggravate it further.

Tue 11/7 - PM 70 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. A taste of freedom from the seemingly never ending grind of kiddie practices. Not quite the same running in the woods at this time of year compared to the summer, with gloomy overcast and the sun about to set with leaves covering everything on the trail. And of course no hope at all of getting in the pond which sits forlorn in its chilly depths. Legs stiff and clunky for most of the run.

Wed 11/8 - PM 55 minutes incl. 8x3 minute pickups. Piss poor attempt at something resembling a long rep threshold workout, with the left hamstring/piriformis feeling stuck and twinging the entire way.  Apart from that, the energy level was also lacking, made for a dismal effort all told. Thankfully I didn't try doing anything measured on the track.

Thu 11/9 - off. Super tired.

Fri 11/10 - AM 30 minutes very easy, putter around Maynard PM 45 minutes easy. Cold and viciously windy.

Sat 11/11 - AM 50 minutes incl. 8k progression on the track. Meandering warmup. Forced by scheduling of kiddie meet to do this workout in the tail end of the arctic blast that came through yesterday. Also still windy although not the wind tunnel that it was yesterday. Combination of all these factors made for a supremely unimpressive start to the cut-down. Finally made it under the mythic 6 minute pace barrier at the very end. Splits by 800:


Sun 11/12 - AM 80 minutes very easy, Area 51. Easy putter in the woods with the CH, with a few breaks to check out the scenery.


Week of 10/30-11/5

Mon 10/30 - PM 45 minutes very easy. Legs feel even worse than yesterday, if that's possible. Quads in particular are busted. Took forever to get out the door.

Tue 10/31 - PM 50 minutes very easy. Lather, rinse repeat, although I'm starting to feel a bit better I think. Right hamstring has a knot in it I didn't notice the last two days.

Wed 11/1 - PM 50 minutes very easy. Thought I might be ready for something more substantive but the neverending grind of the coaching schedule combined with ongoing difficulties getting to bed at a decent hour have left me in total fraud state. Incapable of training at the moment, just jogging along.

Thu 11/2 - PM 50 minutes incl. 15x200, 400. Return of an old chestnut that I haven't done in far too long. Numbers terribly unimpressive, total time 26:25. Cleared splits off my watch before recording them but they were garbage, 39-41 for 200s and 81.3 for the 400 at the end. Left leg felt like crap from the start, still not right after the race five days ago. Soldiered through which was probably not the best idea in hindsight but an itch that needed to be scratched.

Fri 11/3 - off. Straight from kiddie practice to an evening on the town with the CH. Left hammie/TFL pinched and stiff from yesterday, not fun at all sitting for any length of time.

Sat 11/4 - AM 30 minutes very easy. Scrounging run around Maynard with various stops along the way.
PM 30 minutes easy. More running around Maynard after spending the late morning/early afternoon standing in a field at the kiddie meet. Nursing the sore leg along, not exactly a huge double but better than nothing.

Sun 11/5 - AM 50 minutes incl. 5k road race. Something of a last minute decision to return to this particular miserable course that has yielded positive results in most every previous visit. Knew from the start that second was the best I could do, which is where I found myself after passing the obligatory high school kid/sacrificial lamb just before the mile mark. From there tried not to undo myself on the uphill then downhill second mile which is as onerous as I remember it. From there I wanted to shut it down but the next guy was too close to let the foot off the gas too much. In the end I was able to gear down but only at the 3 mile mark. Mile splits of 5:25, 6:04, 5:36. Warmup and cooldown were both leisurely affairs as I wasn't feeling energetic at all after getting to bed too late last night
PM 30 minutes very easy around Maynard with the CH. Very relaxed run with the best company.


Week of 10/23-10/29

Mon 10/23 - PM 55 minutes easy

Tue 10/24 - PM 20 minutes easy. Hot garbage, totally flat and tired, also left hamstring has a knot in it.

Wed 10/25 - PM 60 minutes easy. Second try at doing a workout, second fail. Left hammie better than yesterday but still not right.

Thu 10/26 - PM 20 minutes easy. Second day in three with a big whiff. So tired, went to bed a bit earlier last night and felt better for it this morning but still totally spent by the end of the day.

Fri 10/27 - off. Kind of figured there'd be no time, and there wasn't. Long day with coaching responsibilities stretching from lunch to dinnertime.

Sat 10/28 - 95 minutes incl. half marathon. Much less competitive race overall than last year but that mattered little to me as my competition was no more than 3 meters away for at least 12.5 miles of the race. Unable to close the deal after going back and forth between thinking I had the thing in my hip pocket and later on, figuring I had been exposed for the undertrained, underrested fraud I very much feel like at the moment. First mile was relaxed to the point of being lazy and I was perfectly willing to take it but the competition wasn't and bolted at the mile mark. There followed a consistent stretch of miles in 6:05-6:15 range. Various annoying surges which I figured I could weather well enough. Started to feel it for real around 8 miles, thought I was done for initially by 9 or so but then the rope got pulled back in between 10 and 11. Licking my chops during the 12th mile but then the rope got stretched again over the final mile and I couldn't keep up. Very tired from before the gun going off and finished feeling quite spent. Not that broken up over what is on the surface another garbage performance. The work on normalizing my pathologically late bedtime continues but it's a tough slog while coaching continues. Very nice conditions overall, cool and light breezes. Splits:

6:22/12:13 (2+3)/6:05/6:07/6:11/6:11/6:08/6:05/6:15/6:12/6:13/6:14

Sun 10/29 - 50 minutes very easy, Area 51. Putter through the refuge with the CH, which made up for the fact that my legs were trashed utterly from the race yesterday. Quads in particular took a beating and are tender in the extreme. Spent the morning doing yard work, then the run as I could smell that it wouldn't happen if I didn't get out right then and there. Sporadic rain and overcast skies rolling in.


Week of 10/16-10/22

Mon 10/16 - off. Dead tired and flat.

Tue 10/17 - PM 60 minutes easy. Back and forth on the streets of Levittown in the dark.

Wed 10/18 - PM 55 minutes incl. 3(400,300,200,100). First workout with any kind of turnover whatsoever in months, courtesy of the chronically tight and sore left hamstring/glute/piriformis death triangle. It occurred to me while warming up how much of a problem the quasi-injury has become in the sense that it's become such a stumbling block to doing any kind of faster work. Dove in regardless with something I thought would be manageable, with 3k worth of fast running. Recovery of 300-200-100 between the fast reps and started the each set 10 minutes after the previous one, i.e. between 3.5 and 4 minutes recovery there. Splits:

81.2 (92.4) 59.4 (61.7) 37.8 (33.4) 18.9 - 6:24.5 total
78.9 (88.6) 57.1 (61.2) 37.3 (33.0) 18.3 - 6:14.4 total
76.6 (85.9) 56.9 (62.1) 37.5 (31.1) 18.7 - 6:09 total

On the plus side the left thigh/butt area didn't shrivel up and die nor did the right calf get horribly tight. That the numbers got faster is a hopeful sign as well, although as much down to having no sense of appropriate exertion level at the outset. Everything felt faster than it actually was of course.

Thu 10/19 - PM 60 minutes very easy. More scrounging around the neighborhoods of Wayland. The afflicted butt area stiffened up overnight and during the day with too much desk sitting I was fearful that it would slide back into the way it was in late June/early July. However, felt much better after a thorough round of stretching post-run including the all-important pigeon pose which seems crucial in gapping the SI joint.

Fri 10/20 - PM 50 minutes easy, Area 51. Wanted to do some pickups near the end but wasn't feeling it when the time came, also a bit stiff still on the left hammie. Warm conditions continue, fairly sticky as well.

Sat 10/21 - AM 85 minutes incl. 15k progression run, Longfellow loop. Started out modestly but finished off better than expected. Early pace felt tougher than I thought it should and it was clear that another abnormally warm day was on tap with the sun getting higher each passing minute. I figured it might be another early bailout on the planned four laps. Persisted long enough to give that fourth loop a try and wound up bailing out, but only 750m from finishing the fourth loop. Splits:


Except for the final lap, the second mile felt a bit like I was taking the foot off the gas somewhat, even though its twisty nature lends itself to a slower split time anyway compared to the first mile. Left thigh/butt held up well considering how stiff it was on Thursday.

Sun 10/22 - PM 55 minutes very easy. Jog around Gardner Hill with the CH. First visit to this area in a very long time. Various stops and starts and some nostalgic moments. Quite tired from yesterday, kiddie meet took 10 hours plus.


Week of 10/9-10/15

Mon 10/9 - off. Following up a garbage weekend with a mostly unplanned zero. With kiddie practice in the morning and the final ballgame of the Farrell era in the early afternoon that wound up being a 7+ hour experience including travel time, the only time to get anything at all in would have been early in the morning. Got to bed far too late for that type of thing. Hopelessly overtired right now.

Tue 10/10 - PM 55 minutes very easy, Area 51. Late start after sleeping away much of the late afternoon. Trying in vain to turn around a deeply dysfunctional sleep pattern at the moment with little success. The coaching routine is really grinding on me at the moment.

Wed 10/11 - AM 75 minutes incl. 10x1000, Lincoln field loop. Finally something of substance again, squeezed in between leaving work early and the kiddie meet. Had some ambivalence about how capable I would be of shouldering this type of effort given how flat I've been feeling of late but held up well enough. Started each rep five minues after the one before which meant recoveries of around 80 seconds on average. Splits:
If nothing else, saved the fastest one for last. Good and tired by the end but not incapacitated.

Thu 10/12 - PM 45 minutes very easy. Very late start after napping for too long. Soreness and stiffness from yesterday not overwhelming but noticeable.

Fri 10/13 - PM 70 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. I had hoped to do some pickups at the end of the run but it wasn't happening. Made it through the day without a nap at least.

Sat 10/14 - AM 70 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. Ran the first half hour or thereabouts with the kiddies, jogging over to the field and then back after watching them run around the field loop for a solidy 45 minutes or so. From there headed back out into the woods for a fairly short and definitely low key jog over to the school/ballfield area. Sluggish and not particularly awake throughout. Cool to start in the morning but then sticky and warm.

Sun 10/15 - 90 minutes incl. road race. Beaten at my own game this time around at this reliable stop on the sandbagger tour. Flat and sluggish from the jump. Went through the mile in 5:30 trying to maintain contact, became clear over the second mile (5:40) this wouldn't be happening, gave up and packed it in the third mile (5:50). Overall a fade I could feel coming. Conditions didn't help as it was warm and muggy. Went for a longish cooldown along the rail bed into Weston and onto some of the trails there.


Week of 10/2-10/8

Jogging. A week of puttering around that was so nondescript, formless, and of marginal (read: nonexistent) training value that it wasn't worth recording. Took Wednesday off as the prospect of squeezing in a run between leaving work early and getting on the bus for the kiddie meet held no appeal. Easy double on Saturday adding up to a bit north of 90 minutes, a bit over an hour Sunday after spending the entire morning standing around at a kiddie meet. Weekday runs didn't top an hour for the most part. Had every intention of getting in a long workout over the weekend but it didn't happen. Saturday would have been the day but simply too tired and flat for it.


Week of 9/25-10/1

Mon 9/25 - off. A bit of light jogging to and from the ballyard but I wouldn't call it a run of any notable length.Almost as hot today as it was yesterday.

Tue 9/26 - PM 65 minutes easy plus 15 minutes in Walden. Probably the last dip in the pond for the season barring another late season heat wave. Worth the trip over for sure.

Wed 9/27 - AM 25 minutes incl. 5k progression on the track. Truly a fool's errand, thought I'd get in a quick hitter before heading off to the kiddie meet and instead found myself roasting to death on the griddle of a high school track close to noontime on a despicably hot and sticky day. Should have stuck with the original plan to run an 8k cutdown starting at a more modest pace but thought I would one up myself by doing 2x5k instead. Realized at the 3k mark I wouldn't be doing a second one as in sticking to the planned pace numbers I was working way too hard in the swamp sauce conditions. All five kms were within a second of planned, starting at 3:55 and ending at 3:35, the whole thing in 18:42. In addition to being heat addled I was also undeniably tired from an unending and unyielding string of too late bedtimes. No more afternoon naps and this is how I respond, at a loss to understand it.

Thu 9/28 - PM 70 minutes easy, Area 51. It occurred to me that the refuge is back in play and has been for some time now in fact. Calf a bit stiff from yesterday.

Fri 9/29 - PM 35 minutes easy. Late start, shorter run than I would have liked.

Sat 9/30 - PM 30 minutes easy. Flat and fairly tired after a long day standing around in a field watching the kiddie races in a chilly rain.

Sun 10/1 - AM 85 minutes including half marathon. Water finding its own mediocre level. Felt tired and stiff-legged from the jump and it took the better part of 8 or 9 miles to feel any different, and by then exhaustion had set in and simply maintaining the pace was a chore. I fully expected an epic fade over the last 5k, and while that didn't quite happen I was stuck at around 6:10 pace from start to finish. Certainly the 2 hour pre-dawn car ride didn't help matters but that kind of thing hasn't been an excuse in the past. Course was mostly flat except for a few rollers on either side of the turnaround point. My reaction to those small hills suggested that if there was more roll on the course it would have gotten really ugly. Cool and dry, minimal breeze and excellent conditions overall. Splits: