Sun 8/14 - AM 85 minutes

Northfield/Winchester. Both the length and the route of this run changed on the fly, with the duration dropping from an ambitious 2+ hour goal to a much more modest hour and a half. Also skipped out on going up and over Burt Hill to Ashuelot in favor of starting out on the ridge in East Northfield wandering around the woods. Overall the run was far from impressive but it had to be edited as a result of the continued oppressive conditions. I did finish up with the climb up to the TV tower, so there was that, but at no point was I trying to do anything other than simply finish.

Sat 8/13 - double, 1:40 total incl. 10k road race

AM - Bridge of Flowers. Combination of horrendous humidity and being completely strung out from lack of sleep made for a fairly terrible experience. Felt the oppressive weight of the conditions the moment I arrived, and tried to hold something back early on as a result. Didn't matter one bit, as I cratered before cresting the big hill in the third mile (which took almost 8 minutes, probably a new personal worst). Spent the final five miles of the race getting passed by people one after the other and hoping it would end before heat exhaustion really took over. From the looks of the people who reached down deep and truly went for the gusto I think I made the right choice, there were some fairly frightening reactions to the conditions. Which to sum up, were 80 degrees at the start, 83 at the finish, and most importantly an 80 degree dewpoint. I might have done a little better with more sleep the past few days but sleep has been fitful at best, even more so than usual, and I found myself pre-waking the alarm by a good 45 minutes.

PM - 35 minutes very easy, rail trail from Hadley to Northampton with a bike ride back. No comfort to be had today outside of two places--a room with AC, and standing in the Connecticut river up to my neck at the end of the run. Doing the latter was by far the best ten minutes of the day by far. Legs stiff from the downhill pounding of the morning's effort.


Fri 8/12 - PM 35 minutes incl. 10x100, 9x150

Pressed for time and squeezed in some glorified strides on the track before leaving for the ballgame. Horrendous conditions throughout the day with triple digit heat index, thankfully a t-storm moved through just as I was getting home which cooled things off. Did nothing about the humidity of course.

Thu 8/11 - PM 80 minutes plus 20 minutes in Walden

Moving better than yesterday after a somewhat pokey start. Disgustingly humid.

Wed 8/10 - 30 minutes plus 60 minutes elliptigo and 20 minutes in Walden

Legs stiff on the run portion, other than that an enjoyable time. Got finished as the sun was setting.


Tue 8/9 - off

Pressed for time, and the only time available for a run was decidedly unappealing in terms of baleful heat and humidity. Wound up taking a nap instead.

Mon 8/8 - PM 70 minutes plus 15 minutes in Walden

Lincoln woods. Moving rather stiffly, more tired than I had expected.