Mon 9/19 - PM 85 minutes very easy

Lincoln woods. Relaxed trip to CCHS and back with the CH. Low key with various stops sprinkled in from the midpoint on. Not that sore from yesterday.

SUn 9/18 - AM 65 minutes incl. 5k road race

Successful sandbagging, which did nothing to change the fact that the 18 minute "performance" felt like a 17 minute effort. Dragging and tired from the get-go which of course had a lot to do with this, I hope. Humid and somewhat windy conditions, mildly obnoxious really. Course was also fairly obnoxious at least at the outset with many turns in the first mile. In the end, a 5:40 mile followed by two 6 minute miles. Longish cooldown that was a slow putter.


Sat 9/17 - AM 65 minutes easy

Lincoln woods. A return to the scene of yesterday's run but with the kiddies this time. Different route this time with a very easy first 30 minutes followed by a gradual increase in pace towards the end until the final 800 meters or so which was a sprint. I had hopes of getting in a second workout later in the day but it wasn't happening.

Fri 9/16 - PM 75 minutes easy

Lincoln woods. Escaped to the trails after a somewhat trying day at kiddies practice at the end of a typically exhausting week. Unable to move much faster than a crawl, alas.


Thu 9/15 - PM 65 minutes elliptigo arc

Framingham/Sudbury. Eager to get on the dork bike after yesterday's workout. If nothing else, feels more productive than shuffling through a slow jog.


Wed 9/14 - PM 65 minutes incl. 4x7 minute repeats

Wayland. Unable to get anything done between work and the kiddie race, dead tired as I was. Chose instead to wait until the meet was done before trying to do something of some substance. I had no idea where or what that would be and things only fell into place when I realized that the main loop of the WHS course would suffice for longish reps. Mostly flat but with the bump in the corner, each lap somewhere just shy of 900m I'd guess. Wound up doing 4x2 laps with about 90 second jog recoveries, starting in the twilight and finishing in the dark. Switched direction after each one as well. The last one was a bit slower but I think this was down more to not being able to see where I was stepping. Otherwise felt reasonably controlled throughout. Legs not worth much afterward. Humid all day with a passing shower that was quite strong, dropped the temp for a bit but did nothing for the mugginess.

Tue 9/13 - PM 20 minutes

2x10 minute jogs down Beacon Street from my super secret parking spot to the ballyard and back some 3.5 hours later. The last game of the season I'll be attending in person in all likelihood.