Sat 12/3 - PM 70 minutes incl. 3.4 mile road race

Last minute decision to add another sandbag race to the list. In this case a loop around Lake Quanapowitt, a very flat and at times scenic course. Alas, the wind was raking from the NW such that most of the first 2k or so was an exercise in getting blasted with some stand-up gusts. Nearly ruined what was otherwise a decent experience. Tried to save something for the third mile when I knew the wind would be at my back, in the end though all three mile splits were within four seconds of each other, clustered just above 5:30. Controlled but still an effort, feeling fairly flat coming into the day. Cooldown was an easy jog on the neighborhood side streets in an attempt to escape the wind's not so gentle caress.


Fri 12/2 - PM 40 minutes very easy

Easy putter after a much shorter nap than has been the norm. I had delusions of doing some pickups on the way in but it became clear after 10 minutes or so that I'd do well to keep the pace from devolving to a crawl. Very tired and flat, shouldn't have been too much of a surprise after yesterday.


Thu 12/1 - PM 70 minutes incl. 8x 3.5 minute pickups

Area 51. Back to the refuge driveway, this time for shorter reps with shorter recoveries, i.e. a minute jog between each. Despite some trepidation over feeling less than energetic upon heading out the door, the session went well overall. The effort certainly felt consistent. Getting blinded by the stupid floodlight on the outside of the bathroom building, which was tripped every time I passed by due to its overly sensitive PIR sensor, was the most annoying thing about the evening in fact. Warm enough that a long sleeved shirt and shorts were sufficient.


Wed 11/30 - PM 45 minutes

With rain pouring down today harder and colder than yesterday, going outside wasn't going to happen. 6 miles on the treadmill, in two bouts of 3 miles starting out at 6 mph and ticking up to 10 mph which is as fast as the CH's treadmill goes as it turns out. Once at 10 I kept it going another couple of minutes until the 3 mile mark was reached. Longish break in between the two segments. Had I started earlier I certainly could have done another 3 miles or else done two longer segments instead and run for longer. As is the case on the treadmill, felt quite smooth.

Tue 11/29 - PM 70 minutes easy

Area 51. Waited out the worst of the day's driving rain, wound up overdressed for the dregs of it in fact. Some soreness in the right calf from yesterday plus a little bonus stiffness in the right adductor from being on the track for the first time in a while. Took the requisite long time to get out the door but at least I got started before 7 PM this time.


Mon 11/28 - PM 60 minutes incl. 10x200

An attempt at true leg prep, i.e. not what I've been calling "leg prep" the past few years but rather a workout that's not a workout. In this case, 200 meter reps with 400 meter recoveries, run continuously at a "no rig" speed. Partly this was motivated by the fact that I had to push this session up a day to avoid the horrible weather that's forecast for tomorrow, and I knew in my bones that I wasn't close to recovered from the weekend. Also dreading the prospect of doing turnover work in what were legitimately cold if almost perfectly still conditions. As it turned out the fatigue was more worth worrying about as I could definitely feel it. Took a few reps to dip under the magical 40 second barrier for the 200s, not sure if this is a measure of how atrocious my fitness is or of how hard it was to get going in the chill weather. I'm going with the former though, as I'm really out of shape at the moment.

40.4 (1:57.0)
41.7 (1:56.2)
40.7 (1:52.3)
38.9 (1:52.9)
38.9 (1:56.2)
39.0 (1:53.4)
38.1 (1:51.2)
37.8 (1:52.9)
38.3 (1:58.4)
38.2 (2:03.4)

As unimpressive a set of splits as one will ever see.


Sun 11/27 - double, 1:35 total

AM - 65 minutes very easy, Lincoln woods. Easy putter in the woods with the CH. While I knew going in that the fallen leaves would make running here more problematic, the actual experience was still annoying with the reduced traction. Tried to mix it up with clear stretches and road when necessary. Tired.

PM - 30 minutes easy. Thought I'd do something a bit more uptempo but it wasn't happening. Still too tired and flat from the past few days. Not exactly quality volume today.