Thu 10/20 - off

Complete cluster. Thought I'd make up for yesterday's miss by doing a workout in the field next to Mt. Misery, drove there and realized I was running out of daylight. From there on to Concord where I tried to take a nap in the car, didn't really happen. Decided to bag trying to run there and drove home, took a nap in bed that lasted until almost nine. Completely used up at the moment by the ongoing, neverending, punishing schedule.

Wed 10/19 - PM 20 minutes easy

Failed attempt at doing some kind of workout. The fact that I had about a thousand different options swirling around in my head and yet none of them seemed attractive or compelling was a definite clue it wasn't in the cards. Also dead tired after a long afternoon and evening with no potential for any kind of nap.

Tue 10/18 - PM 75 minutes easy

Area 51. Took a longer route than yesterday and threw in a series of short quick pickups, starting out well before the final way in. Given how terrible the left hammie felt yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly those pickups went.

Mon 10/17 - PM 50 minutes easy

Area 51. As per usual, took forever to get going after getting home from work and taking a too-long nap. Legs feeling far too dented, particularly the left hamstring, for the mediocre at best effort that I put up yesterday.

Sun 10/16 - AM 55 minutes incl. 3.4 mile road race

Cynical sandbagging at its finest. After getting home late from an all afternoon/evening kiddie meet, and an atrociously late bedtime after that, I woke up feeling absolutely putrid. Put my trust in caffeine to get me through the lowest of low key events, but still feeling dead and flat on the warmup. Some concern about how I'd be able to answer the bell. Luckily the competition consisted of the likes of female triathletes and JV soccer captains, and as such the competitive aspect of the race was over after about 3 or 4 minutes. From there ran on feel since there was no mile split, but two and three both revealed that I was going about 5:40 pace. On this mostly flat layout that's far from impressive. Spent the rest of the afternoon running errands on a caffeine buzz.

Sat 10/15 - AM 40 minutes easy

Area 51. Thanks to my own laziness and poor planning, this run was shorter than originally intended.  Had some difficulty getting motivated to get out the door. At the bottom of an unusually deep hole in terms of not getting enough sleep, even for me.

Fri 10/14 - off

Had every intention of doing something, glorified strides or whatever, on the track at Emerson field. Started across the field to warm up and realized I had nothing. Deeply tired right now.