Week of 5/28-6/3

Mon 5/28 - PM 60 minutes easy

Tue 5/29 - PM 40 minutes incl. 5x300. Starting each rep at mile pace and hopefully changing gears to 800 pace halfway through each one. Long recoveries of 500 jog with a little water stop thrown in which wound up taking a bit over 3 minutes. A bit overheated the second and third reps but came back to earth after that. Avverage HR climbing steadily if slightly through each rep, although at least it remained somewhat stable during the recoveries. Length of the recoveries no doubt had something to do with this. Had to curtail the cooldown as I was very much pressed for time. Conditions generally favorable for a change. Splits:
53.2 (151) - 3:22 (135)
52.5 (157) - 3:17 (140)
52.0 (159) - 3:13 (143)
53.7 (161) - 3:14 (143)
53.6 (163)

Wed 5/30 - PM 65 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. Gradual pickup in pace after a pokey start.

Thu 5/31 - PM 50 minutes incl. 3k, 6x100. Cut down from 3:40 for the first km to a pair of 3:35s after that. HR gradually climbed as expected. Pressed for time which curtailed the workout somewhat.

Fri 6/1 - PM 45 minutes easy

Sat 6/2 - PM 60 minutes very easy, Area 51.

Sun 6/3 - PM 50 minutes incl. track DNF. Miserable effort or lack thereof. Hoping to run 77 pace which seemed reasonable and not overly irrational and it became clear on the third and final lap I completed that wouldn't be possible. Splits of 74, 78, and 79 and the trend was not in my favor. Paying the piper for ongoing terrible bedtime habits and I have only myself to blame for it. Shouldn't be so hard to change and yet here we are. Underlying exhaustion never feels far away and the least bit of hard effort brings it distressingly and immediately to the forefront. Breezy conditions but not overwhelming, the lack of people to run with didn't help any but I can hardly use that as an excuse. Celebrated this turd by going home and not getting to bed until 11:30, again, and not falling to sleep for some time after that thanks to the caffeine I ingested that was totally pointless in hindsight.


Week of 5/21-5/27

Mon 5/21 - PM 50 minutes very easy, rail bed to S. Acton and back. The day after running down a rail trail I ran down another rail trail. Legs are quite dented from the fool's errand yesterday.

Tue 5/22 - PM 60 minutes easy, Area 51. Still in putter mode, quads feeling stiff and heavy. Originally planned to hit the trails in Lincoln but the weather wasn't cooperating with that, gloomy and overcast.

Wed 5/23 - PM 70 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. Coming around finally from Sunday but as expected I wasn't ready for anything resembling a hard effort. Nice day for it at least.

Thu 5/24 - PM 60 minutes easy

Fri 5/25 - off. Left work early thinking I'd squeeze in a track workout before lunch but it wasn't happening. Flat, tired and listless.

Sat 5/26 - AM 40 minutes incl. 3x200, 2x300, 500. Aborted attempt at the pyramid workout that I've done at least three times since November. Not happening today as I'm still laboring under the exhaustion left over from last weekend exacerbated by terrible sleep habits since then. Beating a dead horse to be sure. Hot sticky conditions that combined with a late morning start put me behind the 8 ball from the get go. The average HR numbers tell the tale, as I wasn't really recovering at all towards the end despite the relatively generous 300 jog recoveries. Completely at the end of my rope on the 500 and fading quickly. Which I shortchanged myself on slightly (supposed to be 90 seconds) but hardly the straw that broke the camel's back. Splits:
36.7 (137) 83.6 (155)
37.8 (158) 81.1 (157)
37.3 (160) 80.3 (160)
57.6 (164) 83.8 (161)
57.4 (165) 86.5 (161)
1:40.2 (169)

Sun 5/27 -PM 90+ minuttes very easy, Concord. Meandering run around Concord center, with forays into the town forest, CCHS area, and the cemetery/reformatory branch. Gloomy gross conditions all day, about 35 degrees cooler than yesterday but just as humid. Woke up, had breakfast, thought about running in the AM and then thought better of it and went back to sleep for almost 3 hours more. Quite strung out at the moment.


Week of 5/14-5/20

Mon 5/14 - PM 60 minutes easy, Brookline/Boston. A good chunk along the river path and back through Allston. Not feeling terribly energetic. Sunny and quite warm compared to what we've endured most of this spring.

Tue 5/15 - PM 45 minutes easy. Late start after waiting out the thunder and lightning that swept through late in the afternoon into the early evening hours. Dropped the temperature about 20 degrees and made for somewhat clammy conditions.

Wed 5/16 - PM 45 minutes incl. 3(3x300). 1R between reps and 4.5-5R between sets. First set supposed to be 3k pace, then mile pace for the second set, and finally at least that quick for the final set. Plateaued on the last set which I could feel coming, a bit ambitous at the start and overbaked the third and fifth repeats. Average HR not dropping much if at all by the third set. Still, this session went a bit better than many previous ones recently. Splits:

57.1(152) - 1R(148) - 56.8(155) - 1R(147) - 55.8(156) - 5R(129)
54.1(156) - 1R(152) - 53.8(159) - 1R(154) - 54.5(161) - 4.5R(132)
53.8(156) - 1R(156) - 53.9(160) - 1R(156) - 54.2(163)  max. 174

Thu 5/17 - PM 70 minutes, Lincoln woods. Took a while to get out on the trail, slow start with some stiffness from yesterday but eventually felt decent enough.

Fri 5/18 - PM 45 minutes easy, rail trail to S. Acton and back. Not terribly motivated to run this evening.

Sat 5/19 - AM 75 minutes easy, if not very easy. Rail trail to S. Acton and then on to Lower Village via Liberty/Red Acre, back via Pompositicut/Summer Street. Longer than I probably should have gone, although took it easy throughout. Mugginess has rolled in and rain started just as I was wrapping things up.

Sun 5/20 - AM 90 minutes incl. half marathon. Uninspired effort on maybe 3.5 hours sleep. My pipe dream goal of running something close to 6 minute pace went by the boards after the first 3 miles. From there after shedding my annual nemesis/barnicle who glued himself to my back from mile 1 to a bit after mile 3 the focus was on winning the old fart prize. Even that wasn't to be as I was stalked and taken down soon after the 8 mile mark and left to spend the last third of the race in full on get it over with mode. Surprised that the last 3 miles went in under 21 minutes, it was that bad. A good 8 minutes slower overall than my first try at this course four years ago. As an added bonus developed a serious hot spot on the bottom of my right foot, similar to every time I try to run a long hard effort it seems. Rain came just after I finished which would have been nice during the race but what can you do. The true punch in the nuts came when I realized that the generous prize structure of the past had been yanked by the race director. Which means I spent five hours driving and ran a hard 13 miles for nothing. On the bright side, I won't ever have to bother with this event again. With the carrot of the prize money it was worth the trip but otherwise something of a chore. Never again will I have to run around the depressingly decrepit Berkshire Mall parking lot so there's that. Splits:
5:59 (big mistake)


Week of 5/7-5/13

Mon 5/7 -PM 70 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. A nice day for being outside. Feeling a bit more energetic than yesterday.

Tue 5/8 - PM 45 minutes incl. 4x400, 2x400, 400. A minute rest between reps and five minutes between sets. First set supposed to be at mile pace, which I suppose it was and the short recovery time stripped away any delusions otherwise. Flailing more than a bit on the fourth rep. Saved something for the final "set" of one. Avg. HR didn't quite make it back under 120 over the long breaks between sets but it came close. Splits:
74.6 (154) - 1R (153) - 74.2 (161) 1R (157) - 75.4 (163) - 1R (158) - 76.4 (164)
5R (122)
74.1 (156) - 1R 9158) - 74.1 (164)
5R (124)
71.5 (159)
Wed 5/9 - PM 75 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. Breezy and sun drenched day, trails impossible to resist.

Thu 5/10 - PM 60 minutes easy.

Fri 5/11 - PM 50 minutes incl. 4(1200, 200). A long while since the last time I did this particular session, theoretically a mix of elements. 200m jog recoveries throughout which became increasingly stressful. Average HR topped out over 160 starting with the third 200, in hindsight a sign that my goose was just about cooked. Thought there was more in the tank for the final 200 but that wasn't the case. I wonder how much that could have been forestalled had the recovery jogs been a bit slower, like 60 instead of 55 seconds. Cool and fairly still conditions. Took a long time to get out the door. Splits:

3:39.4 (146) - 53.8 (151) - 39.2 (154) - 54.9 (155) - 6:07.2
3:38.2 (157) - 54.6 (155) - 38.8 (157) - 56.3 (158) - 6:08.0
3:37.5 (161) - 54.4 (158) - 38.5 (162) - 55.4 (161) - 6:05.8
3:37.1 (163) - 55.2 (160) - 39.0 (163) - 62.4 (157) - 6:13.7

Sat 5/12 - AM 50 minutes, started out easy, eventually picked up to something quicker than that.

Sun 5/13 - AM 1:45 or thereabouts, very easy to easy. First 45 minutes or so with the CH in Area 51, in gloomy chilly conditions. Returned to home for an extra layer before heading out alone for round 2 which was a mostly lazy and at times wandering jaunt to South Acton incl. a spell on Great Hill. Took plenty of breaks throughout and threw in 5 short pickups on the way in.


Week of 4/30 - 5/6

Mon 4/30 - PM 70 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. Tired

Tue 5/1 - PM 65 minutes easy. Still tired.

Wed 5/2 - PM 55 minutes incl. 4x1200, 4x200. In need of something a little less intense than the sesssions I tried last week and this fit the bill. Cruise pace on the 1200s with 60 second recoveries after each, then quicker for the 200s but not as quick as I'd like with 200 jog recoveries. The average HRM per lap data lends an added dimension to the numbers not that I'm actively adjusting the pace or effort during the workout based on what it's spitting out. Not thrilled with how high the heart rate got toward the end of the 1200s given how pedestrian the pace was. Splits:

4:27.2 - 90.6 (142), 88.8 (158), 87.8 (161)
1R (134)
4:26.2 - 87.6 (153), 89.4 (164), 88.2 (166)
1R (141)
 4:25.5 - 86.9 (154), 89.1 (165), 88.5 (167)
1R (143)
4:24. 0 - 87.8 (157), 88.1 (168), 88.1 (168)
1R (146)
37.0 (155)/75.2 (160)
37.6 (162)/75.1 (160)
37.9 (164)/75.1 (160)
37.3 (163)

Thu 5/3 - PM 60 minutes easy

Fri 5/4 - PM 70 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. Not up for anything more than jogging.

Sat 5/5 - AM 50 minutes incl. road mile. Dragging terribly during warmup, felt completely listless. Took the first quarter of the race to get going. Did a decent job of measuring effort throughout and made my move when the early leaders faltered just before 3/4 but one of them was able to rally and get me back. Windy morning

Sun 5/6 - PM 80 minutes easy. Took a while to get going today.


week of 4/23-4/29

Mon 4/23 - PM 70 minutes easy

Tue 4/24 - PM 55 minutes incl. 2(3x200), 400. Short workout with short rest between reps (40 seconds) and longer between sets. That said the splits were the quickest thus far this season, although the final 400 was a bit of a letdown. Breeze blowing as usual but from a different direction. Splits:

Wed 4/25 - PM 65 minutes very easy. Left leg stiff from yesterday.

Thu 4/26 - PM 50 minutes easy. Late start.

Fri 4/27 - PM 45 minutes incl. 11x200. Aborted attempt at another Centro style workout, with the idea being 8 laps worth of 200 hard 100 float followed by a 20-25 minute run then some kind of faster turnover stuff. The first part is the only thing that actually happened. Too late a start and feeling far to wrung out from a week of solidly late bedtimes to get through the whole thing. 200s felt harder than they should have for that speed and the floats were more sink than float. Making things more interesting was the use of a heart rate monitor for the first time in about 20 years. Looking to see what the patterns emerge in the course of interval and threshold workouts, for tonight's the steady upward climb and the fact I maxed out in the mid 160s (average HR for the split) were both telling. Splits:
40.6 (130) 27.8 (151)
41.3 (154) 27.3 (155)
40.8 (155) 25.9 (157)
41.0 (158) 27.0 (159)
40.6 (159) 25.6 (162)
40.5 (161) 26.3 (163)
40.8 (162) 26.3 (163)
40.6 (163) 26.1 (164)
40.2 (165) 26.3 (165)
39.8 (166) 28.3 (165)
40.3 (163)

Sat 4/28 - AM 60 minutes very easy, Area 51. Sunny and somewhat warm for once. Tired and not moving quickly at all. Left hamstring and glute not stuck terribly bad from yesterday at least.

Sun 4/29 - AM 70 minutes incl. 5k road race. Umpteenth time at Groton, not my best or most inspired effort here or in general but good enough on the day. Flat and tired as per usual, feeling particularly drag-ass during the warmup jog. Kiddies took the lead early on, one of them looked like he might stick but he crumbled soon after the mile mark. From there it was playing keep away with the other old fart who was trying to stalk me. The hill just after the two mile mark helped in maintaining/extending that separation. If mile markers are to be believed the first two miles were relatively consistent and the third mile was much slower, even accounting for the change in terrain. I was also likely running out of gas. End result was the same mid 17:30s sub-mediocrity. Longish puttering cooldown. Spitting rain showers with clammy cool conditions.


Week of 4/16-4/22

Mon 4/16 - PM 50 minutes easy

Tue 4/17 -PM 55 minutes incl. mile, 6x400. More overtired garbage, had to cut short another weeknight session at Bentley. Supposed to do 8 reps but I was cooked after 6. This with relatively long recoveries of 2 minutes between the 400s as well. The numbers don't lie and they're far from impressive. Linden loop to start, just a bit slower than the pace I was running when I did the two-lappers on this same course a few Saturdays ago. Then 5.5 minutes rest before starting the 400s which were supposed to start at 3k pace and get faster from there. Mine went the other way. Splits: 79.3, 78.5, 79.7, 78.3, 80.1, 80.5. Really flat right now.

Wed 4/18 - PM 55 minutes easy

Thu 4/19 - PM 60 minutes easy

Fri 4/20 - PM 60 minutes incl. 3x200, 2x300, 500, 2x300, 3x200, 3x200. A step forward from Tuesday's dud, although still far from impressive. Made it through in one piece and did a bonus set of 200s after the main body of the workout as well. Recovery supposed to be 90 seconds after every rep which I took as a 300 jog which wound up taking between 83 and 88 seconds. The 500 was terrible, but any faster and I would have come apart at the seams on the back half of the session. Splits:
37.2, 38.2, 38.0
58.1, 57.0
56.7, 57.5, 37.7, 37.2, 37.1
10+ minute recovery jog then
34.2, 33.9, 34.5 with 2R

Sat 4/21 - PM 65 minutes easy.

Sun 4/22 - AM 85 minutes easy, Lincoln woods.