Week of 7/3-7/9

Mon 7/3 - PM 50 minutes plus 20 minutes in Walden. Extended the run a bit too long given the race tomorrow morning on tap but I wanted to test the hamstring a bit. Feels moderately better than it has of late but still sticking somewhat. More intervals in the water, not sure why I went away from doing this while aquajogging however many years ago.

Tue 7/4 - AM 60 minutes incl. 4 mile road race. Terrible effort, effectively beat myself before the gun went off. Unable to get to bed at a decent hour and as such showed up hopelessly overextended. Combined with the fact that the left leg has made any type of substantive training a pipe dream and my goose was cooked. Unable to maintain 5:45 pace after two miles. Took a lot of leg swings, i.e. around a hundred or so, for the left leg to feel like something other than a stuck piece of garbage. Took a nap later in the day and woke up with the entire hamstring feeling like it had hardened into a giant spasm. Warm morning quickly turning to hot but with little humidity.

Wed 7/5 - PM 70 minutes easy plus 20 minutes in Walden. Hammie felt predictably terrible after yesterday's insult to it. Dragging the entire way. Felt better after being in the water, it seems spinning my wheels in the water helps to loosen up the joint somewhat.

Thu 7/6- PM 65 minutes elliptigo arc plus 10 minutes in Walden. Late start cut short the time in the water. Happy to get any time in the water at all as I wasn't expecting to.

Fri 7/7 - off. Not expected but in hindsight I had it coming. Overextended the past two days with no nap then or Monday either and long days at work. A little taste of what's to come in late August with coaching. Overcast day with persistent rain showers, not the greatest for biking or swimming, but not a reason to skip them entirely. Just too tired after lunch, and by the time I woke up after a far too long nap the window had closed.

Sat 7/8 - AM 35 minutes very easy. An excursion that could only loosely be categorized a run, with stops aplenty. With the hamstring continuing to plague me and at its worst in the morning, this was an exercise in slow futility. Feeling like I'm injured in all but name only, and likely to be leaning on cross training heavily for the near future. Yesterday's rain gave way to the morning's sticky gross conditions.
PM  60 minutes elliptigo arc plus 15 minutes easy and 20 minutes in Walden. Much more of an aerobic stimulus than the morning at least. Arrived at the pond just in time for the predictably obnoxious late afternoon showers with thunder of course. Once I saw the guy swimming around the pond's circumference I knew at least I wouldn't be the only casualty in case of a lightning strike.

Sun 7/9 - AM 40 minutes easy plus 65 minutes elliptigo arc and 20 minutes in Walden. The return of the dorkathlon, done with the sun at its height. Luckily dry and breezy weather came in after yesterday's showers. The entire experience took closer to 3 hours with the various breaks and transitions. Left leg the same garbage as it has been all week.


Week of 6/26- 7/2

Mon 6/26 - PM 60 minutes elliptigo arc plus 15 minutes in Walden.

Tue 6/27 - PM 80 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. Had every intention of getting in the pond after a hot day but a heavy storm with hail, lightning and the whole bit ruined all that. Still dragging left leg.

Wed 6.28 - PM 60 minutes elliptigo arc. No time for anything more. Not sure if the elliptigo riding might be makng the perpetually sore left hammie worse or not.

Thu 6/29 - off. Paying the bill for the past few days of being overextended.

Fri 6/30 - PM 80 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. Same script as Tuesday, unable to get into pond thanks to more obnoxious late afternoon t-storms. Left hammie complete garbage and a source of much frustration.

Sat 7/1 - AM 65 minutes elliptigo arc plus 15 minutes in Walden. Left hammie stiff, in desperate need of getting back into some kind of stretching routine. Piriformis a likely root cause and it remains tight as a drum. Lots of driving after finishing up.

Sun 7/2 - PM 60 minutes elliptigo arc, 15 minutes easy, plus 20 minutes in Walden. Got started as late as I could after a hot day that included time spent at the beach and a coupld of hours behind the wheel along with yard chores. Left leg better than it was on Friday but nowhere near good and not really functional for running worth a damn. Incredibly frustrating, and finding time to do stretching has become ridiculously difficult.


Week of 6/19-6/25

Mon 6/19 - PM 80 minutes easy plus 15 minutes in Walden. Moving slowly pretty much throughout, with hamstring and left piriformis still stuck. Hot day.

Tue 6/20 - off. Super tired after a long night.

Wed. 6/21 - PM 60 minutes easy. Late start as per usual when going from home. Left leg kind of useless, very stiff.

Thu 6/22 - PM 80 minutes elliptigo arc. The idea of heading to the pond had little appeal, headed out to Sudbury and Stow instead. Up and over Whitman Street which was predictably exhausting. Overall a good ride although I'm not certain if the elliptigo exacerbates the tightness in my piriformis or not.

Fri 6/23 - PM 80 minutes plus 20 minutes in Walden. Frustrating run as I was unable to get any kind of a decent pace going thanks to the left hamstring which remains stubbornly pegged. One muscular issue has been seamlessly replaced by another with the hamstring/piriformis picking up where the right calf left off. Incapable of keeping myself in a place where I can actually train it would seem.

Sat 6/24 - AM 60 minutes elliptigo arc. First half in disgusting humidity, second half in a driving rain. Followed by a drive up to Maine and thankfully much better weather.

Sun 6/25 - AM 40 minutes incl. 5k road race. Seemed like a good idea when I signed up. That was before the left leg issues came to the fore. Made even a very low key local yokel event seem a daunting task. Combined with getting there too late to do anything resembling an adequate warmup I had no idea whether the leg would hold up at all. As it turns out it did but plenty sore afterward. Flat course along rail trail and Back Cove path, ran only as fast as I had to to secure the second spot overall. First wasn't happening as I'm utterly incapable of running a 17 minute 5k on a flat course right now. Not getting more than a few hours sleep overnight as I forgot my sleeping pad for camping didn't help matters. Sunny and getting quite warm (hot) by the 9 AM start.


Week of 6/12-6/18

Mon 6/12 - PM 55 minutes easy plus 15 minutes in Walden. Somewhat pressed for time thanks to appt. with the dentist. Disgustingly hot and humid, with more to come. Left hamstring and piriformis locked up tight.

Tue 6/13 - PM 60 minutes plus 20 minutes in Walden. Slightly quicker pace than yesterday although it never felt anything close to smooth what with the left hamstring and right calf both barking. Even warmer than yesterday, although late arriving t-storms took the edge off somewhat.

Wed 6/14 - PM 45 minutes very easy. Outskirts of Area 51 with the CH. So, so tired after the past two days of being far too overextended schedule-wise. Without the company I don't think I would have gotten out the door despite the much nicer day after the past three days of 90+ temps. Dragging the left leg for the most part.

Thu 6/15 - PM 70 minutes elliptigo arc plus 20 minutes plus 15 minutes in Walden. Wanted to give the legs a break, mostly left hammie, after the past two days of feeling like garbage. Reminded of the strenuous nature of riding the arc vs. the regular elliptigo.

Fri 6/16 - PM 80 minutes incl. 6x2:30 pickups. Obnoxiously heavy rain arrived just as I was about to get ready to hit the trail, which changed the original plan to run loops in the field. In hindsight the left leg wasn't up to that kind of work anyway. Standing water everywhere on the paths. Jogged over to CCHS field and ran timed reps there, with brief 30 second recoveries. Both the left hamstring and right calf became increasingly locked up, with the slippery conditions not helping.

Sat 6/17 - AM 35 minutes very easy, mellow shakeout. Left leg stuck.
PM 50 minutes very easy, out and back along the rail bed (soon to be rail trail) to S. Acton trestle. Disgustingly humid. Leg a bit better after lots of rolling.

Sun 6/18 - PM 60 minutes elliptigo arc, 35 minutes to/from Walden, 15 minutes in Walden. Heat returned to go along with the humidity.


Week of 6/5-6/11

Mon 6/5 - PM 60 minutes very easy, 62 to Knox trail and then some bushwhacking around the former Grace (now Superfund) site before heading back home via Parker. Much more dinged up from yesterday's run than I would have liked or expected, although at least not in the right calf. Left piriformis and high hamstring a stiff mess, decreased range of motion and puttering the only option available. Also feeling quite pooped after staying up too late last night, all told made for a shambling slow putter. Another late start and more hideous conditions, ill wind blowing and drizzly at best.

Tue 6/6 - PM 55 minutes easy. More slow jogging on stiff legs. Another late start after another nap that dragged on way too long. Without doubt the worst weather day I can remember for this time of year. Continued gloom with rain and an ill wind blowing all day. Temperature topped out at 50 degrees. Gross. 

Wed 6/7 - PM 60 minutes easy. Flat and listless as per usual, incapable of putting forth any kind of hard effort as I'd originally planned for today. Left leg made it a moot point anyway as the hamstring remains stuck. Weather finally improved somewhat.

Thu 6/8 - AM 25 minutes very easy, shakeout with various stops. Finally some sun. No work today and able to keep from sleeping in until all hours. Worked on left leg after the run, rolled out some of the kinks in the piriformis.

PM 65 minutes, Lincoln woods incl. 4 laps around the field with 90 second recoveries. Splits of 3:37, 3:38, 3:32 and 3:35 alternating direction each time. I would have liked to do a couple more but got started too late and as it was, finished in the gathering darkness. Better than nothing.

Fri 6/9 - PM 45 minutes easy, Area 51. Took forever to get out the door, back to work and back to the pernicious death spiral I've been in all week since having such difficulty getting to sleep Sunday night. Get home from work, sleep for 2+ hours, feel groggy and listless running, go to bed late, struggle to sleep well, rinse, repeat.

Sat 6/10 - AM 50 minutes incl. 5k on Spectacle Island. One of my most lackluster efforts at this event, garbage in gets garbage out. Staying up way too late last night was the cherry on the sundae and left me completely unable to access whatever meager fitness I currently have. Packed it in on the second of two loops around the island, particularly in the last half mile. However I thought with the faster early pace the overall time would be at least a bit quicker than last year when the race was run in gale-force winds. Instead it was about the same which was depressing. Calf also feeling tight and sore after wearing the wrong shoes. Planned on a longer cooldown but couldn't muster the interest or energy for it. Hot morning with barely a breeze to cool us off until well after the race was done.

Sun 6/11 - AM Elliptigo arc approx. 90 minutes, run 30 minutes easy, aquajogging 20 minutes. Temps about 35 degrees warmer than earlier in the week. After originally planning to run in the woods I thought better of it and went for the first dorkathlon of the season instead. Tacked on some extra time to the trip over to Walden, with the elliptigo portion of the day serving as the aerobic heavy lifting. Pond was brisk bordering on frigid but just what was needed on gross conditions that I'm not the least bit acclimated for.

Week of 5/29-6/4

Mon 5/29 - PM 30 minutes elliptigo trainer with 8x1 minute pickups. The entire day off and this is all I could come up with, with a very late start to boot. Waste of a day, with more shitty conditions outside to boot.

Tue 5/30 - PM 55 minutes incl. 2 sets of 100-200-300-400-300-200-100 on the track. Recovery jog equal to the distance just run. First track workout in a good long while, too soon probably to be doing such a thing but I was in need of a test to see if the calf could hold up to any kind of speed. "Speed" being a relative term as the splits were nothing to write home about, all hovering around 5 minute pace. Confirmation of just how unfit I've become doing little besides jogging slowly the past 8 weeks thanks to the calf. The calf did seem to hold up all right, the CH's wooden neck/spine roller seems to be doing the trick as a massage tool for getting direct pressure on it. Another super late start like yesterday, not a great re-entry to the work routine in fact after the holiday weekend.

Wed 5/31 - PM 40 minutes easy. Calf a bit tweaked from yesterday but more rolling on it afterward was helpful. Some break to the gloomy overcast garbage weather of late.

Thu 6/1 - PM 55 minutes incl. track mile. Terrible performance, not that I should have expected anything different. Calf held up fine which is the only positive, although I was understandably nervous about it and eschewed wearing spikes as a result. Totally flat and listless while warming up, something I wasn't counting on and which carried right over into the race itself. Combined with the lack of fitness and sharpness and the garbage time was inevitable. Laps of 73/78/79/77 for a time as slow as I've run since 9th grade.

Fri 6/2 - PM 45 minutes incl. track DNF. Knew this was a terrible idea but went through the motions anyway. Two track races scheduled on consecutive days would have been a tough ask were I at all fit and close to 100% health, in my current compromised condition it was nothing doing. Further compounding matters was the fact that an already thin field was missing the guy I was counting on to run as slowly as me. Made for a lonely and pointless exercise in being the caboose and as such stopped at 500m. On the plus side I did get to watch the meet without paying for a ticket, a chief motivating factor. I also feel like the worst of the recent bout of calf issues is over, have to wonder how much quicker I could have put it behind me with earlier use of the wooden roller.

Sat 6/3 - AM 45 minutes very easy. Back and forth with lots of stops. A good scrounging run and little else. Dead tired.

Sun 6/4 - PM 95 minutes, Lincoln. After yesterday's lighter than expected day I had more in the tank for today, moving at a decent clip pretty much from the outset. Looped down to CCHS back to the field next to Mt. Misery in about 50 minutes. Proceeded to run 8 laps of the field loop in 32:30, with relatively consistent lap splits of around 4:03-4:05 until the last one which was under 4 minutes. Told myself this was an uptempo long run but it was more like a tempo run period in my current dull fitness state. Put off the run to late afternoon in order to yard work in the morning, in so doing able to avoid running in the sunnier hotter time of day.

Week of 5/22-5/28

Mon 5/22 - Off. Not planned, way too tired upon getting home from work. Also awful weather.

Tue 5/23 - PM 70 minutes very easy, Lincoln woods. Calf is a wreck, Sunday's effort left much more of a mark than I was expecting. Ugh.

Wed 5/24 -  PM 65 minutes easy, Maynard. Many stops. Calf somewhat better than yesterday but still a mess. Reduced to easy jogging, again.

Thu 5/25 - AM 40 minutes easy with many stops PM 45 minutes easy. Half day at work.

Fri 5/26 - PM 50 minutes easy. The old "took forever to get out the door" routine.

Sat 5/27 - AM 80 minutes easy, Area 51.

Sun 5/28 - Off. Again, not planned. Had a narrow window of time to get in a run and no energy in which to pull it off.