Week of 2/5-2/11

Mon 2/5 - PM 60 minutes easy.

Tue 2/6 - PM 50 minutes incl. 2x600, 4x200. Two days after running the whole workout at race pace I tried to go out and do a couple more 600s at race pace which was plainly a mistake. Still not recovered sufficiently from Sunday's effort. Alas this only became clear after the first repeat. In hindsight a mile at threshold pace followed by the glorified strides would have been a much more sensible choice.

Wed 2/7 - PM 55 minutes easy. Snowstorm led to an early dismissal from work which I celebrated by napping for almost 3 hours. Awoke in a confused daze. Snow was followed by rain which left the roads and sidewalks in predictably awful condition. Plenty of slush and large puddles, something of a nightmare.

Thu 2/8 - PM 65 minutes easy. Longest run of the week. Threw in some pickups near the end which felt terrible. Very cold after yesterday's horrible wintry mix which has left plenty of places resembling a hockey rink.

Fri 2/9 - PM 45 minutes, back and forth along the rail trail.

Sat 2/10 - PM 60 minutes incl. track mile. Two weeks after my previous attempt at this distance I went out and ran pretty much the same race, faster by less than a second. I had hoped to have gained some fitness over the intervening fortnight but whatever ground may have been gained in that department was surely erased by my continued folly with the poor sleep habits. By the time the weekend comes around I'm dragging ten tons of ass. More resigned than frustrated at this point. If nothing else I certainly know my current limit for the mile. The backward regression continues unabated.

Sun 2/11 - PM 60 minutes elliptigo. Brutal weather with cold and persistent rain which I tried to wait out without success. Just looking to do some kind of recovery effort after yesterday, in the end this took the form of riding the elliptigo. No pounding on the legs at least. Came close to taking a zero after taking a long nap in the afternoon. Late start as a result.


Week of 1/29-2/4

Mon 1/29 - PM 65 minutes easy.

Tue 1/30 - PM 65 minutes incl. 8x1000. Cruise reps with 1 minute recoveries. The plan was to do the first two in 3:40, then the next two in 3:35, then two @3:30 and finally the last two in 3:25. That pattern held through the first six but the final progression proved a bridge too far and I had to hold at 3:30 for the seventh rep before finishing off the workout with a 3:28. Overall a solid workout.

Wed. 1/31 - PM 55 minutes easy. Late start as usual.

Thu 2/1 - PM 60 minutes easy. Had hoped to go a bit longer.

Fri 2/2 - PM 30 minutes elliptigo. No time for anything more as I was pressed for time as it is. Quite cold and windy outside so staying indoors was a welcome respite.

Sat 2/3 - PM 65 minutes easy, back and forth along the rail trail mostly after starting out up Thompson to Sudbury Road. Not feeling terribly energetic after a day spent outside freezing my ass off. A brief nap helped a great deal to warm up at least. Workout gets pushed back a day, no chance to do it today. Cold.

Sun 2/4 - PM 50 minutes incl. 600, 800, 600 on the track. Short workout with long recoveries, 4.5-5 minutes in fact. Shooting for mile pace on each one. The 600s went in 1:48.8 and 1:47.7 which was good but the 800 was 2:27 which was disappointing. That extra lap made quite the difference apparently.


Week of 1/22-1/28

Mon 1/22 - 65 minutes easy.

Tue 1/23 - PM 50 minutes incl. 4x500 with 2.5R. Trying to hit mile pace, which in theory is something a bit over 90 seconds. Wound up doing all four reps within a half second of each other, from 91.5 to 92 seconds. Had the unmistakable feeling of being fully extended by the end of the workout which tells me this is indeed my race pace or thereabouts.

Wed 1/24 - 55 minutes easy.

Thu 1/25 - PM 60 minutes incl. 6x100 on the track. Fairly low-key effort for the most part, the pickups on the track felt somewhat stiff but I've had worse. Cold and windy.

Fri 1/26 - PM 40 minutes easy.

Sat 1/27- PM 65 minutes incl. track mile. Able to exceed vanishingly low expectations after last weekend's turd of an effort. Hoping to not drop out again, and come within five seconds of the 4:50 seed time so as not to embarrass myself. Warmup was truncated somewhat due to my not showing up with enough time to spare beforehand, a stupid miscalculation. This did not make for a terribly positive attitude going in but I had resolved to hang out at the back of the field and hope that others in front of me slowed more than I would. Rolled through the first half in 2:25 running roughly evenly paced, next quarter went in 75 which came as no surprise. Held together through the end in the sense that I didn't slow down any further, with overall splits of 2:25/2:30. Long cooldown jog afterward.

Sun 1/28 - PM 80 minutes easy.


Week of 1/15-1/21

Mon 1/15 - PM 45 minutes easy plus 30 minutes elliptigo. Cold, windy and gross all around. Cut the run short to get inside and the elliptigo was a welcome option which I was glad to take advantage of.

Tue 1/16 - PM 55 minutes incl. 7x600. Idea was to start at 3k pace and work down from there. While the pace at the start was slower than 3k (I hope) and the 3.5 minute recoveries seemed extravagantly long, the pace did drop particularly on the third rep and again on the last two. Ran the final rep alone after having company the first six and the difference was telling, at my limit and not able to match the penultimate split time. Splits:
2:00, 1:58.8, 15:4.8, 1:53.7, 1:52.8, 1:48.1, 1:49.8

Wed 1/17 - PM 40 minutes very easy. Puttering around after a very late start following another drag-ass tired Wednesday. The typical pattern after these late workouts on Tuesday nights I'm afraid. Taking the zero would have been the more sensible option in hindsight. Ran some on the rail trail which is covered in snow again after the morning's weather. Not too deep but deep enough to be a nuisance.

Thu 1/18 - PM 55 minutes easy. Similar to yesterday but stayed off the snow-covered rail trail. Realized within the first few minutes I was still quite fried and took it easy from there.

Fri 1/19 - PM 50 minutes incl. 6x35 second pickups, Longfellow loop. Not feeling particularly inspired or energetic. Left piriformis and hamstring have felt better as well.

Sat 1/20 - AM 45 minutes easy, similar to Wednesday's run with a mix of rail trail and roads in Maynard. Less snow to deal with, or at least it's more packed down.

Sun 1/21 - AM 40 minutes incl. track DNF. Disappointing and to be honest demoralizing stinker. Not that I've been feeling like a million bucks lately but I thought I had developed some modest fitness. Even if that's the case, it's clear that I'm too tired to use it at the moment. Felt the fatigue from the moment I woke up and no amount of caffeine was going to help. Still, I had no idea it would be so hard to run 38 second laps, something that lasted for the first km before I could feel myself starting to fade. Hit the mile in around 5:08 or so, not that far off my seed time in fact. However, given I thought the seed time was conservative and I was running DFL by a solid 20 yards at that point there was no reason to continue. The unimpressive effort felt like it was much more strenuous in terms of the aftermath, with the post-race headache and general muscle soreness.


Week of 1/8 - 1/14

Mon 1/8 - PM 70 minutes, back and forth and back again on the streets of Maynard. Many areas of terrible footing throughout town. In an earlier day I would have hit the trails on skis or snowshoes but the thrill is gone from that.

Tue 1/9 - PM 55 minutes incl. 3x200, 2x300, 500, 2x300, 3x200 with 90 second recoveries throughout. First time doing a track workout with other people in a long, long time. Forgot how it makes it easier to hit and also exceed the desired numbers. The plan was to run everything at 37 second/200 pace after Sunday's underwhelming effort. I figured things would wind up as it went along but instead this is what went down:

37.3, 37.9, 36.8
53.2, 54.0
54.0, 52.2
35.7, 34.9, 33.2

Significantly faster splits than the last time I did this which was seven weeks ago outside in the cold by myself. Not really a fair comparison as I was still getting into the swing of doing faster track work. Felt good to air it out the last couple of reps but I'm under no delusion that it represented anything I could maintain for any length of time.

Wed 1/10 - off. Fried from yesterday, lack of sleep more so than the intensity of the effort. As such the nap went far longer than planned and by the time I woke up the moment had passed.

Thu 1/11 - PM 60 minutes easy. Temperatures have increased dramatically since Monday, fog and puddles everywhere.

Fri 1/12 - PM 60 minutes incl. 1200, 1600, 1200, 800. That last rep was supposed to be a second and final 1600 but I had to bail as I was clearly flagging and unable to hit the pace anymore. Splits of 4:04, 5:25, 4:01, and 2:45 before sputtering to a stop. Disappointing but the underlying fatigue was unmistakable. The reps were supposed to be at 5k pace with relatively short recoveries of 2.5 minutes after each 1200 and 3.5 after the 1600. With more rest, or with the workout structured differently like 7x800 at the same pace, I probably could have made it through. If.

Sat 1/13 - PM 50 minutes very easy. Hard to get out the door.

Sun 1/14 -AM 80 minutes easy, Area 51. Thought I would try my luck on the refuge trails which were a decidedly mixed bag, but more icy than clear. Able to avoid any devastating falls by taking it easy and crawling along the margin of the trail in the worst parts. Temperature dropped like a stone from Friday.


Week of 1/1 -1/7

Mon 1/1 - PM 60 minutes easy.

Tue 1/2 - PM 55 minutes incl. 4(600,400). 90 seconds after each 600, 2.5 minutes after each 400. Getting to the end of my rope in that I couldn't run them any faster without things coming undone. Splits:
1:53.9 - 72.6
1:53.6 - 73.9
1:54.4 - 73.1
1:54.4 - 73.6

Wed 1/3 - PM 40 minutes elliptigo. Late start and this was all there was time for.

Thu 1/4 - off. Bombogenetic cyclone dumped snow all day with plenty of wind as well. Plenty of shoveling starting in the late afternoon.

Fri 1/5 - AM 30 minutes elliptigo. Disgustingly cold outside.
PM 35 minutes incl. 5x200 with just over a minute between each. Last two close to 35, first three 36-37.

Sat 1/6 - PM 50 minutes easy. Piercing cold. Succeeded in not slipping on the numerous icy patches that are all over town. Side streets are in miserable condition after the storm of two days ago.

Sun 1/7 - AM 55 minutes incl. track mile. Embarassingly slow time to kick off the indoor campaign. Two hour drive in subzero temperatures was not the ideal prep for it. Sluggish and lethargic from the moment I woke up. Warmup was more rushed than I would like and it was so cold outside I wound up doing most of it on the concourse of the hockey arena across the street from the field house. Realized as the field was being assembled that it wasn't going to be the least bit competitive. As such I led from the gun and despite the garbage time, won by 20 seconds. Gradual, inexorable slowdown which I would like to be able to say was down to being alone and lapping people but I have to think it would have happened no matter what. 2:31/2:35 split. Longish cooldown but still insufficient to make the day anything resembling worthwhile on the whole. So so cold outside.


Week of 12/25-12/31

Mon 12/25 - off. Celebrating the solstice (or thereabouts). In fact the morning's snow and attendant cleanup left me unwilling to do anything outside and frittered the day away such that I ran out of time to do even a modest place holder workout inside.

Tue 12/26 - AM 65 minutes incl. 6x1k. Not the workout I was originally planning to do, much longer in fact. Aiming for something just north of 80 second pace on the repeats and while it was a chore I was able to do it. 2.5 minute recoveries throughout. Splits of 3:23.7, 3:21.2, 3:22.8, 3:23.1, 3:22.8, 3:21.8
PM 30 minutes very easy putter around Maynard, scrounging. Very cold.

Wed 12/27 - PM 50 minutes easy, Levittown. Bitterly cold but dressed for it as best I could, as such avoided freezing to death. Left glute stiff as a board after yesterday's workout.

Thu 12/28 - PM 50 minutes easy. Late start after a long nap following the one day this week where I had to work. Not feeling it at all. Cold continues and it's obnoxious. Footing on the side streets is terrible as well.

Fri 12/29 - AM 50 minutes incl. 3 miles in 17:11, splits of 5:50.5, 5:43.4, and 5:37.3. Working a bit harder than I'd like at the end but felt reasonable before that. Then 4x100 in spikes, first time I've worn them in almost a year. Avoided pulling any muscles which is a win.
PM - 25 minutes very easy. Halfhearted attempt at scrounging in the worst cold yet experienced. Ugh.

Sat 12/30 - PM 60 minutes easy.

Sun 12/31 - AM 45 minutes easy followed by 30 minutes on the elliptigo trainer. In the current weather pattern having the indoor training option is awfully nice.