Wed 3/22 - 20 minutes plus 40 minutes elliptigo trainer incl. 20x1 minute

After the past two days of lolligagging today was the time to actually do something, various ideas floating around in my head none of which came to fruition. Miserable conditions with cold and wind contributed to this but for sure I'm in a vulnerable spot mentally and doesn't take much to knuckle under. Gave up on the whole running outside thing after 20 minutes of getting blasted by the wind, and for the big workout I wound up doing minute pickups on the trainer with minute long recoveries. Some effort involved for sure but it felt like I could have kept going for hours Didn't have the time for that.

Tue 3/21 - PM 55 minutes easy

I had hoped to do something of substance but it got shoved back another day. Quite flat at the moment, incapable of establishing and maintaining a decent bedtime.

Mon 3/20 - PM 60 minutes easy

Quite tired from the weekend's travels, more than I had anticipated. Took forever to get started of course. Flat and listless throughout.


Sun 3/19 - PM 56 minutes elliptical trainer

Today would have been a good day for some kind of workout on the roads, ideally the Longfellow loop, but when it didn't get done before lunch I knew in my bones it wouldn't be happening. Too tired from the last few days of travel, walking around the city, and not sleeping especially well in the less than stellar accommodations I picked out for us. Overcast windy conditions in the morning did little to boost my enthusiasm. Wound up spending the afternoon sleeping and doing errands, plus a stroll in the snowbound refuge. In the end it became clear the only way I was getting exercise was on the trainer, which has saved my bacon on multiple occasions when motivation has been flagging. Spent the lion's share of the time, almost two thirds in fact, on the two highest gears.

Sat 3/18 - AM 85 minutes

Another out and back along the west side, this time heading north from the 20th st. intersection and getting about 90 blocks or so up the river before turning around and heading back. Like yesterday, the pace dawdled at first for the first 15 minutes as I had to shake off the cobwebs. After that though, I got bored and picked up the pace and continued to do so for the remainder of the run, in step-wise fashion. The 5k race, an exercise in athletic tourism, that I had entered for today was canceled due to weather concerns. Apparently the city told the race management they wouldn't be holding the event. Hindsight's 20/20 but the predicted snow didn't materialize and even if it had I don't see how it would have made racing unsafe or impossible. Annoying but it wouldn't have been a stellar effort with three weekends in a row of racing (originally not planned for) coming before this weekend. The garbage weather that makes it seem as if February and March switched places has gotten thoroughly tiresome.

Fri 3/17 - AM 45 minutes

Out and back along the west side bike path, next to the mighty Hudson river. Headed south from 20th st. intersection, pace increased gradually throughout the run and finished at a pretty good clip. Chilly and windier than I'd like but what else is new.

Thu 3/16 - off

Spent much of the day traveling to NYC and then walking around after lunch upon arriving there. No time or energy for running. First zero in a while although there have been plenty of slow low volume days packed in there lately.