Week of 9/4-9/10

Mon 9/4 - PM 40 minutes easy plus 15 minutes in Walden. Took the kiddies for a tour of the trails and into the pond as well. The time in the pond reminded me of how much I miss the place and aquajogging in general. Went as smoothly as possible but still plenty of stops. Picked up the pace dramatically on the return trip heading down rt. 126, this surge lasted all of five minutes. Legs felt as good as I could have hoped.

Tue 9/5 - PM 100 minutes very easy. Slow putter from Wayland HS via route 27 and then Water Row, Newbridge, and Morse to Levittown. A slog from start to finish, not the run I had in mind but after needing to return to the school the CH offered to drop me off so I could run back. Very tired after getting to bed way too late last night following the ballgame. Hamstring felt like garbage, took a longish break at Featherland to do some compressions on it. Disgusting humidity.

Wed 9/6 - PM 30 minutes easy. Utterly flat after two nights in a row of staying up far too late. In theory today was the day to try doing something at least a little bit uptempo but it wasn't happening. Gave up on that idea and went for an easy putter instead.

Thu 9/7 - PM 60 minutes incl. 8k cutdown on the track. Thankfully feeling less exhausted than yesterday. After a somewhat aimless warmup jog started at the scintillating pace of just under 1:45/lap and aimed to cut it down from there. Under control, although breathing heavier than I'd like the last few laps. Splits of 4:14/4:08/4:02/3:57/3:53/3:50/3:43/3:37 so if nothing else, the pace did progress throughout. 31:25 total, on the planned schedule it would have been 31:40 but shaved a few seconds off each km.

Fri 9/8 - PM 75 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. Escaped after practice to get some time on the trails. Hoping not to feel too flat but I was plenty flat nonetheless.

Sat 9/9 - PM 40 minutes easy. After spending the morning and early afternoon at the first kiddie meet of the season in NBPT, too tired to do much of anything until it was too late for the planned elliptigo ride. Wound up doing a relatively short run around town, felt reasonably good. Cool conditions.

Sun 9/10 - AM 45 minutes incl. 5k race. Second visit to Peddocks Island for the race around the remains of Fort Andrews. Without doubt the least competitive event I've ever done, not that I'm complaining at all. Not quite as tired as I have been lately but still laboring under a heavy burden of fatigue in general. Warmup curtailed by the fact the boat dropped us off 30 minutes before the start. Ran the loop once to reacquaint myself with the twists and turns. Ran it backwards as a cooldown with various stops to check out the sights. Some tugging from the left hamstring but my sense is it's getting better. Excellent conditions, sunny but not hot and dry unlike last year's apocalyptic rains.


Week of 8/28-9/3

Mon 8/28 - 85 minutes elliptigo arc. Headed for the hills of Weston near Highland Ave, over to Natick briefly as well. Yesterday's effort left its mark on the left hamstring/glute area, which feels frayed and weak overall. Rolled on it last night and rolled on it again tonight which helped some. The underlying damage remains unmistakable, and not as healed as I had deluded myself into thinking it was. Warm but not hot and dry once again.

Tue 8/29 - 55 minutes easy incl. 6 trips up and down Garfield Road at the end. Left hamstring/glute area tweaked from Sunday and I felt it all day. Not pleasant, and the ongoing woes relating to it suggest that it's damaged a bit more than I'd care to admit. Exhaustion starting to sink in already a mere 5 days of practice into the coaching season. 

Wed 8/30 - PM 65 minutes elliptigo arc. Framingham/Sudbury including a trip down Water Row. Glad to have this thing to work out on as running didn't hold much appeal. Dry and cool conditions.

Thu 8/31 - PM 40 minutes incl. short track reps. Super late start after getting home exhausted following kiddie practice that went forever, again. Jogged up the road to the track and dragged myself through 8x100, 8x150, 4x200, and 8x100. Left hammie feeling stuck at the outset, loosened up somewhat by the middle portion, and then started feeling fatigued by the end. Remains the single biggest impediment (among many) to getting any worthwhile training done. Another cool and dry day.

Fri 9/1-  PM 70 minutes elliptigo arc. Out and back from the high school to Walden Pond and back, with a slightly out of the way route on the way there. Feeling quite tired overall after a long week but able to muster up the energy for spin down the road. Left hammie feels quite stuck from yesterday.

Sat 9/2 - off. Not a planned zero, only time to get in a run was in the morning and I frittered away that opportunity. Trip across the state after that.

Sun 9/3 - AM 70 minutes incl. uphill road race. Another disappointing flat tired effort, feeling fatigued from the moment the gun went off. Finished with the usual fatigue headache. Not able to tackle an event such as this with as little as I've been sleeping of late, never mind the ongoing issues with the leg and trying to establish some kind of fitness. As an added reminder that the universe can be kind of a dick, heavy rain and wind arrived just ahead of the start of the race. This made for an especially miserable experience. Ordinarily some consolation would have come from hanging out at the summit with the CH and perhaps hiking to a nearby waterfall but no one in their right mind was doing that today. While this event has a strong nostalgic appeal given how many times I've done it and done reasonably well, it seems those days are behind me and it seems likely I'll give it a rest going forward.

Week of 8/21-8/27

Mon 8/21 - PM 50 minutes elliptigo arc plus 20 minutes easy and 15 minutes in Walden. Late start cut the overall length of the workout short. Had supreme difficulty waking up from the afternoon nap.

Tue 8/22 - PM 40 minutes very easy plus 18 minutes in Walden. Felt absolutely horrible when time came to run, after a 2+ hour appointment wiped out any time for a nap after work. Desperately tired as a result, and the steambath conditions didn't help any. So tired my head hurt.

Wed 8/23 - PM 50 minutes plus 18 minutes in Lake Cochituate. Feeling much better than yesterday after something resembling a decent night's rest. Much nicer weather than yesterday also helped, sunny and dry with a crisp breeze. That breeze made for some heavy chop on the water though, as the lake is less protected and more of a fetch than the pond. With the start of kiddie practice tomorrow I think I may have taken my last weekday afternoon nap for a good long while.

Thu 8/24 - PM 60 minutes incl. 10x100 (100 jog) and 10x150 (50 walk) on the track. All I could manage after a 12 hour day. Feeling a twinge in the piriformis/hamstring area but surprisingly enough it loosened up some as I was doing the reps on the track. Not timing anything for this type of "work" at this point. Feeling vaguely febrile after a long day with the afternoon spent under a hot sun.

Fri 8/25 - PM 75 minutes elliptigo arc. Mostly in Framingham including a climb up Edmands Road. Feeling less tired. Very nice day for being outside, cooler than yesterday.

Sat 8/26 - PM 50 minutes elliptigo arc plus 20 minutes easy and 18 minutes in Walden. I had thought I would get some exercise in the morning after kiddie practice, but when kiddie practice didn't end until noon that went by the boards. Waited until later in the afternoon, another nice day.

Sun 8/27 - AM 85 minutes incl. 15k progression run, Longfellow loop. In a big twist I tracked km splits not miles. Thought I would start at a very reasonable (slow) pace and tick it down km by km, in reality I started out a bit quicker than that pace and wound up running each lap at about the same pace overall. Overall pace not at all impressive but it was more of an actual progression than almost anything I've done on this loop in the past, so there's that. Original plan was the full four laps and 16k, however upon embarking upon the fourth time around the loop what had been manageable rapidly became much less so. Splits:


Another sparkler of a day, third in a row. Very dry conditions in fact. 


Week of 8/14-8/20

Mon 8/14 - PM 75 minutes easy plus 18 minutes in Walden. Never really got going the way I had hoped to, not feeling particularly energetic. Right adductor not as stiff as it was yesterday. Humid

Tue 8/15 - off. Slept through the narrow window of opportunity in the afternoon.

Wed 8/16 - PM 60 minutes elliptigo arc plus 20 minutes in Walden. Got started late enough that I had to go directly to the pond on the bike and then directly into the water. Tires a bit underinflated which made for a slog of a ride with unnecessary resistance. Sunny and warm.

Thu 8/17 - PM 50 minutes elliptigo arc plus 20 minutes easy and 15 minutes in Walden. Right calf feeling tight at times, unwelcome and unexpected.

Fri 8/18 - PM 65 minutes very easy plus 18 minutes in Walden. Disgustingly humid and very tired, a combination that made for a dull slog of a run in the woods.

Sat 8/19 - AM 55 minutes elliptigo arc, 8k progression on track. Rode over to Emerson Field and ran 8k on just over 33 minutes. As the overall time suggests this was far, far from impressive but one has to start somewhere after months of "just jogging" with the occasional race thrown in. Kilo splits of 4:25, 4:20, 4:18, 4:12, 4:08, 4:01, 3:54, and 3:45. The idea being to start slowly enough that the pace could be picked up gradually throughout without stalling out, and this was achieved. In fact the pace was quite controlled until the last 2k when I started breathing harder. All the laps around the track left the calf feeling more tweaked than I would like. Overcast conditions which kept the temp down enough, the cloud cover broke on the ride back, it would have been a tough ask to do the same run in the sun. Still warm and fairly muggy.

Sun 8/20 - AM 60 minutes elliptigo arc plus 35 minutes easy and 15 minutes in Walden. Still some stiffness in the right calf from yesterday but the left hamstring feels better than I thought it would have. Overall moving a bit better than expected given the early start (early a relative term). Drier air than the past few days but hot.


Week of 8/7-8/13

Mon 8/7 - PM 75 minutes, Lincoln woods plus 20 minutes in Walden. Moving reasonably well for most of the second half of the run. Muggy conditions back after a sunny dry day yesterday.

Tue 8/8 - PM 50 minutes very easy, out and back along the newly paved rail bed in Maynard and South Acton. Took a nap that went a good hour and a half longer than planned and woke up completely out of it. Stumbled out the door so as to join the CH. Many stops to check out the new construction along the path. Desperately need to get to bed earlier.

Wed 8/9 - PM 55 minutes elliptigo arc plus 20 minutes easy and 20 minutes in Walden.

Thu 8/10 - PM 60 minutes very easy. Slow putter of a jog around Maynard. Mowed the lawn upon getting home and celebrated this achievement by frittering away the rest of the afternoon asleep on the couch. Woke up in a confused daze and groggy for hours. Incapable of getting to bed at a decent hour and I don't have a decent reason for it at the moment. Run was utter garbage as a result, and as an added kick in the nuts I somehow aggravated the piriformis/hamstring area again although it certainly wasn't from anything I did in training the past few days.

Fri 8/11 - PM 50 minutes easy plus 18 minutes in Walden. The left leg not as stuck as it was yesterday but still something off. Tired and fatigued overall, unsurprisingly.

Sat 8/12 - AM 60 minutes incl. 10k road race. Fourth year in a row of this race, humid like last year but 15 degrees cooler and overcast which made a big difference. Given how drag-ass tired I've felt of late, more so than usual even, the race went as well as I could have hoped. Made a conscious effort to hold something back early on, first two miles evenly split in 5:52 apiece. Then up the hill where I lost a few people I had been running with. Third mile in 7:37, fourth downhill mile in 5:35 or so. Upon bottoming out I realized my legs felt more like jelly than I had realized and took care not to blow up in the fifth mile. Thought I was in the clear for the age group prize but the one guy I had to worry about who was right on my shoulder for the first two miles was worming his way back into contention at the turn off 112 heading back to town. At this point I wanted nothing more than to take the pedal off the gas a bit but instead I was obligated to keep pressing until the final turn on to the bridge, at which point I knew I was safe. Sixth mile 5:47. Very easy cooldown with the CH.

Sun 8/13 - PM 65 minutes elliptigo arc plus 20 minutes easy and 20 minutes in Walden. The original plan was to do a hilltopper run out in Northfield and/or Winchester but that went by the boards last night when heavy rains washed out the campsite and we headed home early. Woke up completely frazzled and lost any chance of getting a workout in during the morning hours as a result. In hindsight, for the best that I went with the dorkathlon instead, as the legs are a bit trashed from yesterday. Right adductor in particular feels like I might have mildly strained it, something I actually first noticed while warming up yesterday morning. Quite humid but not terribly hot.


Week of 7/31-8/6

Mon 7/31 - PM 65 minutes, Lincoln woods plus 18 minutes in Walden. Puttering at first, but moving better later on.

Tue 81 - PM 60 minutes elliptigo arc plus 15 minutes easy plus 18 minutes in Walden. Got back just in time to mow the lawn, or most of it until darkness put an end to it.

Wed 8/2 - PM 75 minutes, Lincoln woods plus 15 minutes in Walden. Moving better than the last run in the woods Monday.

Thu 8/3 - off. This zero was planned as I had a date at the ballpark with the CH. Mowed the lawn and it was hot enough for me to be sweating profusely after 20 minutes of that.

Fri 8/4 - PM 45 minutes very easy plus 15 minutes in Walden. Very very tired after too many days in a row of getting to bed far too late. A struggle to get on the trail and from there a plodding slog. Disgusting humidity didn't help any.

Sat 8/5 - PM 60 minutes easy plus 18 minutes in Walden. Still really tired from the week, and again a struggle to muster up the energy to get out the door. Nothing a few nights of sleeping a reasonable amount of time wouldn't fix but that's saying a lot. Heavy rain showers which is less annoying than the humidity they left behind.

Sun 8/6 - PM 65 minutes elliptigo arc plus 30 minutes and 18 minutes in Walden. Spent the late morning paddling in Hingham harbor, making the dorkathlon a late afternoon affair. Felt more energetic than I was expecting. Left leg stiffened up on car ride but felt better after some stretching and rolling before heading out.


Week of 7/24-7/30

Mon 7/24 - PM 65 minutes easy, Lincoln woods. Ill wind blowing all day and decidedly cool temps for the time of year. Not feeling especially energetic after the weekend's efforts. Hamstring feels reasonably good relative to where it's been the past six weeks.

Tue 7/25 - off. Conditions even more miserable than yesterday with rain and gusty winds. In a different month this would have been a situation. Also still feeling the accumulated fatigue from last week, spent the entire late afternoon in bed.

Wed 7/26 - PM 60 minutes elliptigo arc plus 20 minutes easy plus 18 minutes in Walden. The dismal garbage of the last two days were replaced by warm sunny and dry conditions. Felt alert enough after all the sleep yesterday to skip the nap today and meet the CH at the pond.

Thu 7/27 - PM 65 minutes easy plus 18 minutes in Walden. Took a while to get going, but finally thankfully done with the 4 day long day work weeks.

Fri 7/28 - PM 50 minutes plus 15 minutes in Walden.

Sat 7/29 - AM 85 minutes incl. trail race. One more go at the trail race on a mtb race course, this will surely be the last time. Course altered slightly from my previous visit but with the requisite twists and turns as well as numerous gnarly and awkward bumps to get up and over. Hamstring held up reasonably well to all this nonsense but I could feel it stiffening up on the cooldown, which went far longer than anticipated, in the neighborhood of 45 minutes. Got home with plans to go for a bike ride but a combination of gloomy overcast weather and my right ankle suddenly blowing up on me after not giving any trouble during the race or cooldown put paid to that. Wound up icing it multiple times over the evening, an unheard of step for me but necessary.

Sun 7/30 - PM 60 minutes elliptigo arc plus 15 minutes easy plus 18 minutes in Walden. Left hamstring and piriformis took the brunt of it predictably but at least the ankle feels much better than it did yesterday afernoon.