Wed 1/11 - PM 70 minutes incl. 3(5x400)

Went through with the session originally planned for this day, even though I changed my mind earlier in the afternoon and right up to the first repeat had plans to do something less daunting. The punishingly short rest of 30 seconds after each rep on the final set is what scared me off initially. Further complicating the issue was that the splits got to a level that seemed unsustainable on the second set (45 second recoveries). In the end though I was able to get through it keeping a relatively consistent level throughout. I did have the distinct sense that going much faster, even on the first set when the pace was nothing to write home about, would have required far too much effort. Splits:

Set 1 (60 seconds recovery): 78.0, 78.7, 77.3, 76.9, 77.5
Set 2 (45 seconds recovery): 76.2, 76.3, 75.5, 75.6, 75.9
Set 3 (30 seconds recovery); 75.9, 76.1, 75.8, 76.3, 75.1


Tue 1/10 - PM 25 minutes easy plus 15 minutes elliptigo trainer

Ill-advised decision to go outside in the evening, as the cold weather of recent days was starting to give way to warmer temps. In the interim, freezing rain and black ice everywhere. Slipped and slid around, taking longer than it should have to realize that maybe sticking to indoor options would be a better move. Got back but had lost most of my motivation to do anything, plus as usual it was a late start so I cut the trainer time short. Not a banner day all told. Warmer weather to come the only reward.

Mon 1/9 - PM 30 minutes elliptigo trainer

Intended to follow up a run with some time on the trainer, instead thanks to being very late in getting started the run part got cut out. Feeling rather flat.


Sun 1/8 - PM 50 minutes incl. 3 mile tempo, 1000m

Somewhat marred attempt at a "marker" workout i.e. fitness check. Should have known better quite frankly. Mistakes were plentiful, chief among them coming back so soon after Friday's workout, should have waited until tomorrow but then it would have backed on to Wednesday's planned session. Then the pace on the tempo portion was too quick, just under 5:40 pace which isn't my LT pace at the moment, even calling it LT minus 10 sec/mile is a big stretch. Predictably, this left me more fatigued than I should have been for the km even with a nearly 15 minute break. Finally, exceptionally late bedtime led to a tired flat feeling in general despite a nap in the afternoon. As such, the 3 minute km I was shooting for wound up at 3:05.5 instead, with a first lap of 36 and all others stuck at 37-mid even as the effort to run that pace got tougher with each lap. I'd like to think I didn't rig but it was certainly rig adjacent by the end. Splits:

shooting for 5:44/5:40/5:36 which was too quick as it was and I still overbaked it

Very short cooldown inside as it was getting quite late thanks to getting started later than I had planned. More lazybones nonsense there.

Sat 1/7 - AM 60 minutes very easy

Around Maynard with the CH in an ever-intensifying snowstorm. Mostly roads with a side trip on the patrol road in Area 51 near the end. Stepped out the door just as the flakes were starting to fly, by the end nearly two inches on the ground. No real issues with traction however. Took it easy and relaxed after the workout yesterday. I had planned on doing a brief session on the trainer in the evening but it didn't come off, too tired by late afternoon after a somewhat fitful night of sleep.


Fri 1/6 - PM 65 minutes incl. mile, 2x800, 2x400, 4x200

Relatively straightforward cutdown workout on the track, difficult to screw up. Ran as fast as I have in months at the end with the 200s, although such numbers are to be taken with a grain of salt. Splits:

5:28.4 (2:46.8/2:41.6)
2:35.6, 2:35. (2R after each)
75.4, 74.6, 74.1, 74.0 (1R after each)
5R to change into spikes
34.5, 34.8, 34.2, 33.7 (1R)

Toyed with 30 second recoveries after each 200 which would have kept things much more honest but also made it brutally to the point of being self-defeating, or that's what I told myself anyway.


Thu 1/5 - 40 minutes easy incl. 3x150, 3x30

Puttered around Maynard aimlessly for a time and then headed over to the track for the weekly round of speed development. Unable to sprint 30 meters without turning into a comically wound up ball of tightness but didn't pull anything. Quite cold but no wind to speak of which made it bearable. I had planned to tack on a stint on the trainer after getting home but got started too late for it to be feasible.