Week of 8/7-8/13

Mon 8/7 - PM 75 minutes, Lincoln woods plus 20 minutes in Walden. Moving reasonably well for most of the second half of the run. Muggy conditions back after a sunny dry day yesterday.

Tue 8/8 - PM 50 minutes very easy, out and back along the newly paved rail bed in Maynard and South Acton. Took a nap that went a good hour and a half longer than planned and woke up completely out of it. Stumbled out the door so as to join the CH. Many stops to check out the new construction along the path. Desperately need to get to bed earlier.

Wed 8/9 - PM 55 minutes elliptigo arc plus 20 minutes easy and 20 minutes in Walden.

Thu 8/10 - PM 60 minutes very easy. Slow putter of a jog around Maynard. Mowed the lawn upon getting home and celebrated this achievement by frittering away the rest of the afternoon asleep on the couch. Woke up in a confused daze and groggy for hours. Incapable of getting to bed at a decent hour and I don't have a decent reason for it at the moment. Run was utter garbage as a result, and as an added kick in the nuts I somehow aggravated the piriformis/hamstring area again although it certainly wasn't from anything I did in training the past few days.

Fri 8/11 - PM 50 minutes easy plus 18 minutes in Walden. The left leg not as stuck as it was yesterday but still something off. Tired and fatigued overall, unsurprisingly.

Sat 8/12 - AM 60 minutes incl. 10k road race. Fourth year in a row of this race, humid like last year but 15 degrees cooler and overcast which made a big difference. Given how drag-ass tired I've felt of late, more so than usual even, the race went as well as I could have hoped. Made a conscious effort to hold something back early on, first two miles evenly split in 5:52 apiece. Then up the hill where I lost a few people I had been running with. Third mile in 7:37, fourth downhill mile in 5:35 or so. Upon bottoming out I realized my legs felt more like jelly than I had realized and took care not to blow up in the fifth mile. Thought I was in the clear for the age group prize but the one guy I had to worry about who was right on my shoulder for the first two miles was worming his way back into contention at the turn off 112 heading back to town. At this point I wanted nothing more than to take the pedal off the gas a bit but instead I was obligated to keep pressing until the final turn on to the bridge, at which point I knew I was safe. Sixth mile 5:47. Very easy cooldown with the CH.

Sun 8/13 - PM 65 minutes elliptigo arc plus 20 minutes easy and 20 minutes in Walden. The original plan was to do a hilltopper run out in Northfield and/or Winchester but that went by the boards last night when heavy rains washed out the campsite and we headed home early. Woke up completely frazzled and lost any chance of getting a workout in during the morning hours as a result. In hindsight, for the best that I went with the dorkathlon instead, as the legs are a bit trashed from yesterday. Right adductor in particular feels like I might have mildly strained it, something I actually first noticed while warming up yesterday morning. Quite humid but not terribly hot.

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