Week of 7/3-7/9

Mon 7/3 - PM 50 minutes plus 20 minutes in Walden. Extended the run a bit too long given the race tomorrow morning on tap but I wanted to test the hamstring a bit. Feels moderately better than it has of late but still sticking somewhat. More intervals in the water, not sure why I went away from doing this while aquajogging however many years ago.

Tue 7/4 - AM 60 minutes incl. 4 mile road race. Terrible effort, effectively beat myself before the gun went off. Unable to get to bed at a decent hour and as such showed up hopelessly overextended. Combined with the fact that the left leg has made any type of substantive training a pipe dream and my goose was cooked. Unable to maintain 5:45 pace after two miles. Took a lot of leg swings, i.e. around a hundred or so, for the left leg to feel like something other than a stuck piece of garbage. Took a nap later in the day and woke up with the entire hamstring feeling like it had hardened into a giant spasm. Warm morning quickly turning to hot but with little humidity.

Wed 7/5 - PM 70 minutes easy plus 20 minutes in Walden. Hammie felt predictably terrible after yesterday's insult to it. Dragging the entire way. Felt better after being in the water, it seems spinning my wheels in the water helps to loosen up the joint somewhat.

Thu 7/6- PM 65 minutes elliptigo arc plus 10 minutes in Walden. Late start cut short the time in the water. Happy to get any time in the water at all as I wasn't expecting to.

Fri 7/7 - off. Not expected but in hindsight I had it coming. Overextended the past two days with no nap then or Monday either and long days at work. A little taste of what's to come in late August with coaching. Overcast day with persistent rain showers, not the greatest for biking or swimming, but not a reason to skip them entirely. Just too tired after lunch, and by the time I woke up after a far too long nap the window had closed.

Sat 7/8 - AM 35 minutes very easy. An excursion that could only loosely be categorized a run, with stops aplenty. With the hamstring continuing to plague me and at its worst in the morning, this was an exercise in slow futility. Feeling like I'm injured in all but name only, and likely to be leaning on cross training heavily for the near future. Yesterday's rain gave way to the morning's sticky gross conditions.
PM  60 minutes elliptigo arc plus 15 minutes easy and 20 minutes in Walden. Much more of an aerobic stimulus than the morning at least. Arrived at the pond just in time for the predictably obnoxious late afternoon showers with thunder of course. Once I saw the guy swimming around the pond's circumference I knew at least I wouldn't be the only casualty in case of a lightning strike.

Sun 7/9 - AM 40 minutes easy plus 65 minutes elliptigo arc and 20 minutes in Walden. The return of the dorkathlon, done with the sun at its height. Luckily dry and breezy weather came in after yesterday's showers. The entire experience took closer to 3 hours with the various breaks and transitions. Left leg the same garbage as it has been all week.

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