Week of 6/5-6/11

Mon 6/5 - PM 60 minutes very easy, 62 to Knox trail and then some bushwhacking around the former Grace (now Superfund) site before heading back home via Parker. Much more dinged up from yesterday's run than I would have liked or expected, although at least not in the right calf. Left piriformis and high hamstring a stiff mess, decreased range of motion and puttering the only option available. Also feeling quite pooped after staying up too late last night, all told made for a shambling slow putter. Another late start and more hideous conditions, ill wind blowing and drizzly at best.

Tue 6/6 - PM 55 minutes easy. More slow jogging on stiff legs. Another late start after another nap that dragged on way too long. Without doubt the worst weather day I can remember for this time of year. Continued gloom with rain and an ill wind blowing all day. Temperature topped out at 50 degrees. Gross. 

Wed 6/7 - PM 60 minutes easy. Flat and listless as per usual, incapable of putting forth any kind of hard effort as I'd originally planned for today. Left leg made it a moot point anyway as the hamstring remains stuck. Weather finally improved somewhat.

Thu 6/8 - AM 25 minutes very easy, shakeout with various stops. Finally some sun. No work today and able to keep from sleeping in until all hours. Worked on left leg after the run, rolled out some of the kinks in the piriformis.

PM 65 minutes, Lincoln woods incl. 4 laps around the field with 90 second recoveries. Splits of 3:37, 3:38, 3:32 and 3:35 alternating direction each time. I would have liked to do a couple more but got started too late and as it was, finished in the gathering darkness. Better than nothing.

Fri 6/9 - PM 45 minutes easy, Area 51. Took forever to get out the door, back to work and back to the pernicious death spiral I've been in all week since having such difficulty getting to sleep Sunday night. Get home from work, sleep for 2+ hours, feel groggy and listless running, go to bed late, struggle to sleep well, rinse, repeat.

Sat 6/10 - AM 50 minutes incl. 5k on Spectacle Island. One of my most lackluster efforts at this event, garbage in gets garbage out. Staying up way too late last night was the cherry on the sundae and left me completely unable to access whatever meager fitness I currently have. Packed it in on the second of two loops around the island, particularly in the last half mile. However I thought with the faster early pace the overall time would be at least a bit quicker than last year when the race was run in gale-force winds. Instead it was about the same which was depressing. Calf also feeling tight and sore after wearing the wrong shoes. Planned on a longer cooldown but couldn't muster the interest or energy for it. Hot morning with barely a breeze to cool us off until well after the race was done.

Sun 6/11 - AM Elliptigo arc approx. 90 minutes, run 30 minutes easy, aquajogging 20 minutes. Temps about 35 degrees warmer than earlier in the week. After originally planning to run in the woods I thought better of it and went for the first dorkathlon of the season instead. Tacked on some extra time to the trip over to Walden, with the elliptigo portion of the day serving as the aerobic heavy lifting. Pond was brisk bordering on frigid but just what was needed on gross conditions that I'm not the least bit acclimated for.

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